How To Make Big Ass Bubbles

Ingredients for Bubble Solution

Ingredients for Bubble Wands

  • 2 Regular Dowel Sticks
  • 100% Cotton Rope
  • Screws, Zip-Ties or Duct-Tape for attaching

Bubble Solution Steps

  1. Mix Dish Soap with J-Lube until it forms a thick slime.
  2. Gradually add water stirring constantly

Bubble Wand Steps

  • Cut off a long piece of rope 3x the length of one dowel
  • Cut rope into 2 pieces: 1x length of dowel, 2x length of dowel
  • If your rope has a nylon core, pull it out inch by inch
  • Knot ropes
  • Attach knotted edges to dowels


  • Soak Bubble Wand Ropes in solution for at least 20 minutes

Tips & Tricks

  • Even Big Ass Bubbles are sensitive. Avoid hot sun. Dry air and too much wind will make ‘em pop too quickly.